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Five best-augmented reality apps for Android

Augmented reality is improving the physical experience in the real world. Consider a decade before, when sci-fi heroes were just figments of people’s imaginations. Those sci-fi movies become a reality in 2021. In the real world, it seemed impossible to create something like that. Nowadays, you can see a wide variety of films such as romance, comedy, horror, etc.

However, tech movies are replacing all other movies and getting more popular these days. Teenagers and youngsters are showing more interest in such tech movies. Now, what is the reason behind that? The answer is “latest technology.” Have you ever imagined that technology like Augmented Reality can be a part of any movie? Let’s break the curiosity and see the real-life example of this technology. If you are excited to learn more, we are excited to reveal more. Let’s get started!

If you’ve seen Iron Man 3, you’re also aware of the marvelous inventions used behind the scenes. We suggest that you watch it if you haven’t already. In Iron Man 3, there is a scene where Stark is walking around a simulated crime scene. The technology is categorized as Augmented reality technology.

There are No Boundaries When It Comes to Augmented Reality Technology!

Nowadays, technology is used for more than just games and movies. This evolving technology is being used in marketing, manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, and other fields.

Augmented Reality in Shopping

AR innovation is fundamentally altering our store and shopping experiences. AR is being used by IKEA, L’Oréal Paris, and other firms. Customers may use this technology to test out new goods when sitting at their house, office, or elsewhere in the world. Following the pandemic, this technology becomes more common because it enables organizations to deliver their social distance services.

Statista revealed that the global demand for virtual reality is expected to overgrow over the coming years. The virtual reality market is expected to grow by more than 195 billion US dollars between 2017 and 2025, rising from approximately 3.5 billion in 2017 to more than 198 billion US dollars in 2025.

What is Augmented reality, anyway?

Essentially, AR technology allows you to explore 3D projection in a real-world environment. For example, suppose you want to buy something for your living room. It’s helpful to look at 3D pictures or clips, but what if you imagine everything? You will use AR apps to see how a piece of furniture will look for you. You will also determine which décor will be the best match for your room. Isn’t it interesting?

To learn more about this incredible technology, read about the top five AR applications. These Augmented Reality apps are capturing the interest of both Android and iOS users.


Based on augmented Reality, Houzz is the best platform for planning your furniture layouts. It has lovely and unique functionalities which allow users to browse and buy the products from the application. With the features of “View in My Room,” a user can use 3D technology, and the application will show the authentic resulting images. The advanced features of this application enable how the product will look under different lighting. It is classified as a home remodeling app, but it also has an e-commerce website where you can purchase items.

  1. Sketch AR

Are you an artist who enjoys playing with paints? If so, this AR application was designed specifically for artists like you. People don’t have enough patience in their busy lives to sit down and draw their favorite scenes. Don’t worry. With the Sketch AR app, you can improve your skills quickly. Simply draw a few circles on a piece of paper and choose your ideal portrait. This application will virtually trace the objects and convert them into the perfect version. It is not only saving your time but you can also different new techniques.

oreover, you can also use a pen to trace the sketch. The application supports creative people to become professional artists within a day. Apart from this, there is plenty of excitement to look forward to.

  1. YouCam Makeup

Let us move from sketching to beauty. Next on the list is the YouCam Makeup application. Trying new cosmetics brands is risky because of the high costs. Women are more concerned with their skin and would not apply something without first checking it. As previously said, virtual reality has no bounds, allowing people to try beauty products from various brands.

It is also suitable for people who don’t like to apply makeup on their faces. How? By simply using the application with several makeup products. The most exciting thing is that this application will let you choose the perfect makeup. Apart from this, a user can also check how the makeup will look in natural lighting.

Moreover, this application has many makeup features that provide a wide range of editing tools. These beauty features enhance your skin tone. Additionally, you can also reshape the lip, nose, and chin. Also, are you allowed to modify your hairs and whatnot? YouCam Makeup, as opposed to other standard editing apps such as Canva and VSCO, caters to those who appreciate selfies. It also serves those hunting for ideal depictions of themselves.

  1. IKEA Place

Next, we have IKEA on the list, another home décor application. Through this application, retailers can help the customers imagine how the products would look in their homes. The most significant difference between this application and Houzz is that it provides you a complete house décor plan. By doing this, you can measure all the dimensions of your home more accurately. Just simply drag and drop the furniture or objects by using a 3D image. Users can have a look at the different shapes, sizes, and colors of their products. IKEA AR application provides you a real shopping experience. Choose IKEA to see which items will be fit the best fit and which corner.

  1. Snapchat 

From stay-at-home directives to significant customer behavior changes and how brands, companies, and institutions work, 2020 has been a year of the unpredictable. Snapchat’s camera has played a critical part in getting us together in a year of isolation. With these AR applications, people had fun and make creative videos. It connects people all over the world. Organizations today also using this platform to interact with customers the innovative ways that were never possible before.

The Wrap Up

You will discover a brand-new universe using cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality. What you need to do is decide what you expect from technology and begin applying it correctly. Adopting modern technologies would not require you to go through the coding learning process. You can get help from every android app developer to get things started.