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GTA 5: How To Find The Far Out Spaceship Parts

One of the lengthiest side quests in Grand Theft Auto V is called “Far Out.” This Strangers and Freaks quest becomes available for Franklin right after the mission called “Fame or Shame,” which is for Michael. After this mission is complete, a question mark for Franklin will appear in Sandy Shores. At this location is Omega, a prophet for the arrival of aliens on earth. Omega inexplicably believes that alien spaceship parts have been scattered around Los Santos and it’s up to you to find them for him.

As it turns out, he’s right…maybe. In total, there are 50 spaceship parts that you need to find and pick up in order to complete this mission. If you’re looking to 100% the story mode of GTA V, then this quest is an essential part of that journey. Completing this mission is also a source of pride for players, as it’s one of the most difficult in the entire game. For a full guide on the locations of the parts, check out the list below.

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Spaceship parts locations in GTA V

Before we go over the entire list of parts and their locations, it should be noted that you don’t need to use Franklin to pick up a spaceship part. You can be Trevor or Michael and still have the part count towards the total. However, to complete the quest, you’ll need to use Franklin and visit Omega again.

  1. Los Santos International – Located on a service road between the airport and the ocean. Part is found just inside the gate on the southern side of the airport next to the beach.
  2. Los Santos Naval Port – Near Elysian Island, under the water of the Naval Port and Pier 45. Dive down from the road on the east side of the location and find the part in the iron beam debris on the ocean floor.
  3. Elysian Island – Located in between the two large, circular gas tanks on Elysian Island. You need to climb up one tank and then find the part lying on the cylindrical bridge connecting the two tanks.
  4. Rancho Towers – In the Rancho neighborhood of south Los Santos. Inside of the gated towers, the part is lying on a bench.
  5. Raton Canyon Bridge – Underneath Raton Canyon Bridge in north Chumash. The part is found under the support beams.
  6. Cassidy Creek – Underneath Calafia Bridge, the part can be found by swimming toward the island underneath the bridge. The part is lying on the island near the bushes.
  7. El Burro Heights – In the neighborhood east of Rancho. Find the part off the freeway near a sewer grate, which is in front of a spray painting with the word “Vagos.”
  8. Southern Island – The second island from the left in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. Part is on top of a rock on this island.
  9. Murietta Oil Fields – Located in the middle of the large section of roads near the oil fields. The part is in a green shipping crate, which is next to a blue crate.
  10. Davis Medical Center – Climb the ladder of the hospital to find the part on the roof.
  11. Strawberry – Go underneath the freeway near the Strawberry neighborhood. This is a homeless camp and the part is found in front of a couch.
  12. Murrieta Heights Water Facility – Go south on the eastern freeway until you reach the city. Get off the northern exit and find the dam next to the water facility. There will be a walkway near the dam, which has the part right near it.

  13. Vespucci – Climb up the ladder behind the Liquor Hole store near Los Santos International. The part is in between two billboards behind the store.
  14. Textile City – Go to Simmet Alley Market and down the alley with the banner above it. Find the Snd. Textile shop and go to the right, which has the part in it.
  15. Penris Building – On top of the roof of the Penris Building.
  16. Underground – Go through the tunnel you went through during the Jewelry Heist mission and find the construction site inside. The part is inside of the site on top of a ramp.
  17. Morningwood – In the back of the Richards Majestic studio in Rockford Hills. Find the part near Stage 16 on top of a roof near wood pallets.
  18. Rockford Plaza – On the grass island right outside of the Rockford Plaza parking garage.
  19. Vinewood – On top of the Vinewood building, inside of the empty swimming pool.
  20. Los Santos Golf Club – On the course, the part is near a lake on a greenery island.
  21. Tatavium Mountains – At the bottom of the Land Act Reservoir, right under the dock.
  22. Land Act Reservoir Pipes – Drive north from the reservoir until you find four black pipes off of a dirt road. The part is in front of one of the pipe mouths.
  23. Tatavium Mountains Cove – Drive east to the ocean from the reservoir pipes and go to the piece of land that’s sticking out into the water. There’s a cove near this location, which has the part lying in the middle of the ground.
  24. Vinewood Lake – Near the base of the dam in Vinewood Lake.
  25. Vinewood Lake Tower – Make your way up the tower that overlooks the lake and you’ll see the part on top.
  26. Galileo Observatory – On the left side of the Observatory, go up the stairs and then look to the right to find the part.
  27. Parsons Rehabilitation Center – In Richman Glen, the rehab center can be accessed through the gate. Find the big tree outside of the center and locate the part at the base of the tree.

  28. Tongva Hills – In the middle of Tongva Hills, find the part in a cove that’s covered with bushes.

  29. Banham Canyon – There’s a house off Banham Canyon Drive, which has the part near a telescope overlooking the ocean.
  30. Marlowe Vineyard – In the northern part of Tongva Hills, find the part in the middle of the vineyard grapevines.
  31. Tongva Valley – Go to the east of Marlowe Vineyard and under Zancudo Barranca Road. In the water, find the part in the middle of the ground.
  32. Great Chaparral – At a farm in Great Chaparral, in the southwestern Grand Senora Desert. At the farm, search for a house with a broken roof. The part will be on the porch of this house.

  33. Mount Haan – Go along the road of Mount Haan until you find the part in a dirt divet off the road.

  34. Bolingbroke Penitentiary – At the house, there is a banner that welcomes aliens, which has three women sitting near it during the daytime. The part is in front of where the women are sitting.

  35. San Chianski Mountain Cave – Beneath a cave in the ocean off this mountain range. The cave is past the Ron Alternates Wind Farm. Dive into the water near the cave with a couple of jetskis in it and find the part at the bottom of the ocean.

  36. San Chianski Mountain Boathouse – In the mountain range, there will be a road that ends in a cul de sac. To the south of the cul de sac, there is a boathouse that has the part lying on the floor.

  37. Sandy Shores Alien Playground – On top of the painted hill in Sandy Shores, the part will be located on the ground.
  38. Tremor’s Rock – In Sandy Shores, there’s a rock formation called Tremor’s Rock. Climb up it to find the part, which overlooks the valley.

  39. Sandy Shores – There’s a satellite dish park in Sandy Shores, which is marked by six consecutive circular objects on the map. Go to the far left satellite to find the part up the stairs.

  40. Alamo Sea – Inside of the Alamo Sea in Sandy Shores. Go to the diner and dive into the water nearest to it. The part is lying on the ground a little past this part of the water.
  41. Sandy Shores Airfield – Southwest of the airfield, you’ll find three buildings off a small road in the central part of Sandy Shores. Go to the right building and find the part underneath a blue and white yacht.

  42. Zancudo River – Go to Zancudo River and find the part on the western side, near a cliff. The part’s location is in between Mount Josiah and Harmony.
  43. Zancudo River 2 – Go to the west part of Harmony along the Zancudo River. Follow the river west until you reach a large bridge overhead. The part is lying underneath that bridge.
  44. Mount Josiah – On the eastern side of Mount Josiah. The part is found on a small cliff edge overlooking the valley.
  45. Paleto Bay – Go to the peninsula on the western side of the Chiliad wilderness park, northwest of the ocean docks. There will be a landmass that juts out into the water here. Go to the center of the landmass and find the part lying before a couple of trees.
  46. Paleto Forest – Off of the highway in Paleto Forest, find the part at the intersection of four roads. There will be a small creek here, which you can go to and find the part underneath a bridge.
  47. Paleto Bay Fire Building – This Fire Building is located in the southernmost shopping center in Paleto Bay. It’s in the center of four buildings off of the main road. Go to the Fire Building, head inside on the right side, and go up the tower to the third floor to find the part.
  48. Donkey Punch Family Farm – In the northwest part of Paleto Bay, find this family farm off of the main road to the south side. Find the barn on this farm and locate the part behind it.

  49. Mount Chiliad – On the weed farm north of Grapeseed and on the eastern side of Mount Chiliad. The farm is located off the side road that juts off from the main freeway on the east side of the mountain. Find the part on the ground in the farmhouse on the property.

  50. Grapeseed – At the cow farm in Grapeseed. This is located in the center of the area. It has cow houses, hay bales, and bright brown dirt. Find the part on the ground near a hay bale and the cow houses on the farm.

Once all 50 parts have been collected, return to Omega as Franklin to claim your reward. Omega will be able to build you a mini-spaceship that’s basically a fancy-looking off-road vehicle. It’s truly a unique vehicle that comes equipped with blue lights, a green headlight, and sci-fi noises. You’ll also earn the “Beyond the Stars” achievement for GTA V.

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