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GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition receives PlayStation update; Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch versions to follow soon

PlayStation users will once again get something related to the GTA Trilogy earlier than other platforms.

This time, they have received a new update for the GTA Trilogy. There are no patch notes for this update, but it’s gone live for the PS5 version of the games. The following patches are approximately this big in terms of file size:

  • GTA 3 Definitive Edition: 300 MB
  • GTA Vice City Definitive Edition: 900 MB
  • GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: 1.1 GB

As it’s a new update, not too many players have played the game to see what’s new. One can assume it has to do with bugs and technical optimization, but Rockstar Games hasn’t yet shared any details on what’s in it (at least, not at the moment).

BREAKING: A new update for the GTA Trilogy has just released for PlayStation, other platforms may follow soon.GTA3 – 300MBVice City – 900MB AppoxSA – 1.1GBThanks @dash_GTA!twitter.com/dash_GTA/statu…

As the GTA Trilogy is available on several platforms, it’s logical to deduce that the other systems will get an update soon as well. Unfortunately, there is no roadmap on when players can expect those updates to arrive.

Until then, GTA Trilogy players can play the game on the PS5 with what’s been included in the new update. Rockstar Games stated in an earlier Newswire post:

“We have ongoing plans to address the technical issues and to improve each game going forward. With each planned update, the games will reach the level of quality that they deserve to be.”

It’s possible that this update won’t be the only one. However, “each planned update” is a vague term, so it’s unknown how much will change with the GTA Trilogy in time.

The GTA Trilogy is starting to receive updates, beginning with the PS5, before moving onto PC, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch

Rockstar Games Launcher, the Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox Series X|S should get this update soon (Image via Rockstar Games, Nintendo, Microsoft)
Rockstar Games Launcher, the Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox Series X|S should get this update soon (Image via Rockstar Games, Nintendo, Microsoft)

The previous version was 1.14296; apparently, the new version of the GTA Trilogy is version 1.14390. Supposedly, Take the Cannoli achievement is now available for more players, as the Criminal Rating for Godfather is 250,000. There are conflicting reports from gamers regarding if rain was touched upon or not.

Other than that, there isn’t much information on what has been fixed and what hasn’t. The update is already out for PS5 players, so they can try to see what’s new in the meantime. Rockstar Games did say that there will be updates soon, so it looks like they kept that promise.

If Rockstar Games doesn’t post the patch notes, gamers will have to wait until some dedicated players post every other change. One can assume that the file sizes for the different platforms will be similar to the PS5 update.

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