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Miro speaks on former WWE stars in AEW

AEW star Miro expressed his discontent over being referred to as “ex-WWE” on “The Zaslow Show”. In a conversation with Jonathon Zaslow, Miro opened up by saying:

“CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and me, [Jon Moxley], none of these guys — we’re not ‘WWE guys’ as everyone calls it. These people have been around the world way before WWE, so when somebody says “this guy is [ex] WWE’, it’s absolutely incorrect. God made me, not Vince McMahon. So [WWE] was just a place to do professional wrestling because there were no other options. But now there’s plenty of other options, exciting options. AEW is the best wrestling company in the world and we prove that day in and day out.”

Miro had a solid run as the TNT Champion before finally dropping the belt on Sammy Guevara. He seemed to be “over” as the “God’s Favorite/Forsaken Champion”. He fought Bryan Danielson for the number one contender spot for the AEW Championship at AEW Full Gear. He was unsuccessful in stopping the winning streak of the “American Dragon”. Speaking of Full Gear, he said:

“Well, first of all, if I was at my full health, I would have destroyed Bryan Danielson in about eight minutes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t, and I had to be labored through this whole match. But I would’ve won that match [if I was at my] 100 percent”

It will be interesting to see what lies next for Miro.

Bryan Danielson confronts Hangman Page on AEW Dynamite

Hangman Page kicked off the show with The Dark Order. His victory speech was interrupted by Bryan Danielson. Danielson managed to draw huge heat from the crowd by mentioning his WrestleMania 30 victory. He also insulted Virginia, Hangman’s home state, for booing him. Page expressed to be the fighting champion and wished to fight Danielson on the show. Danielson diverted the issue by saying he might be in his wrestling gear but Page had not come prepared for the match.

He wrestled Evil Uno next. Uno seemed had no chance against Danielson. Danielson knocked Uno out with his signature Busaiku Knee strike. He then locked in the triangle choke only before the referee rang the bell. He is engaging in a full-fledged heel role in AEW.

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CM Punk embraced a wrestler when he came out as gay. Find out the whole story here. Heartwarming.

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