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Vince McMahon’s opinion on current WWE product revealed – Reports

Vince McMahon is reportedly happy with the current WWE product and doesn’t think there’s anything that needs to be fixed.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider revealed in a Q&A that The Chairman doesn’t see a problem with the product as it’s presented to his liking. The company recently announced that it generated over one billion dollars in revenue in 2021.

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Here’s what Johnson had to say:

“In his mind, he doesn’t think anything is wrong. The company made a billion dollars last year, so there’s a billion reasons for him to shrug off any criticisms. We are told he pushes and presents what he likes and wants and nothing else makes a dent in that vision. That’s why the shows are presented the way they are and that’s why nothing is going to change anytime soon, if ever.”

WWE’s third brand, NXT, received a massive makeover a few months ago. The company recently brought back legends and part-timers such as Beth Phoenix, Lita and former Universal Champion Goldberg. The Extreme Diva and the WCW legend are currently slated to compete at the upcoming Elimination Chamber premium live event.

WWE locker room morale is reportedly at an all-time low

Many talents are reportedly frustrated with the direction of the company, and backstage morale is near a decades-long low, according to Fightful. This includes stars who are rarely on TV, consistent main eventers, new names and veterans. One wrestler told Fightful:

“If you see a complaint with merit and in good faith about something that lacks sense, logic or continuity, I almost guarantee we have complained too, it just never changes anything.”

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Fightful also noted how some stars believe the company is going to be sold. Big E’s treatment from losing the WWE Championship to being regulated back into the tag team picture has also been heavily criticized by fans and critics.

What do you think of Mike Johnson’s comments? Are you currently happy with WWE programming today? Sound off below!

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