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Different Types of Essays and the Key to crack them easily.

Essay writing is an essential part of a student’s life from the moment he or she begins learning his grammar rules in school. And it continues for an indefinite time whether irrespective of the fact that you are in the academic field  or not. 

Essays analyse the writing abilities of a child and examine his flair for writing. They are like the implementation of the grammar rules you have learnt. Essay writing helps one improve upon his or her skills and develop the flair for writing. 

Through this work a person is able to convey his or her thoughts lucidly to the readers and hence it is important to know how to write a well-structured, well-organized and a grammatically correct essay. 

As we have always known that there are several types of essays that test a student’s different abilities, for example, a descriptive and a narrative essay would check you observation skills, an argumentative one would see how well you are able to support your arguments against the other and how you supplement it with supporting evidences, and analytical essay checks on your critical and analytical thinking. 

Thus essays cover a wide range of abilities of the human mind and polish them as well. But essay writing is not an easy task at hand. There is a proper structure that every essay follows and arrangement and well compilation of these facts would provide you essay writing help. 

Before we talk about the different types of essays, it is important to understand that every essay includes introduction, main body and conclusion, irrespective of whatever content they demand of the writer. So let us discuss the different types of essays and how to write them perfectly.

  • Descriptive Essay: As the name suggests, this type of essay deals with the description of a particular thing. And by description I mean that these essays must take into account even the minor details while describing therefore it is like painting an exact picture in front of the readers. The use of imagery is a prominent factor when you are trying to achieve this purpose because the main motive of the writer, in this type of essay, is to show the readers rather than merely tell them about whatever you are writing on. Thus the words used should give the idea of the exact images in the mind of the writer and thus appeal to the senses of the readers.
  • Narrative Essay: Again as the name suggests, this type of essay deals with the narration of certain events to the readers. It is just like story-telling in the past tense, without any dialogues. The experts giving essay writing services term this as a difficult essay mainly because of the reason that the inflow of thoughts may disturb its flow. Also the readers may get bored by your narration or may not be interested in whatever you are trying to narrate about thus you must focus on grasping the reader’s attention, by your words. The fact that narration is done in first person, may engage the readers but if you craft the essay in a proper manner then the readers will take interest and start deriving their own conclusions to the story being narrated.
  • Argumentative: An argumentative essay focuses on the writer choosing a side for himself and then giving arguments based on the side chosen. It is basically like a debate where you either speak for the motion or against it and you have to justify the side you have chosen by giving relevant examples, and if possible, relevant facts and figures as well. While justifying your arguments, you must also provide certain counter arguments that would make the content of your essay strong and your side more credible. Try to bring out the cons of the other side and prove how your side is better in that aspect and thus you successfully are able to complete your argumentative essay.
  • Persuasive: This type of essay deals with convincing the readers of your point. Here the writer must provide certain relevant details like facts, figures, instances, data, statistics, expert opinion, analysis, derivations and reasoning in order to strengthen his stance. As done in an argumentative essay, the writer should clearly talk about both the sides of the aspect he is focusing on and then convince the reader as to why the side he has chosen is correct or better in position. Therefore it is all a game of convincing and the well you persuade the reader to believe your point, the better is your essay. Experts providing essay writing services suggest that in this type of essay one must lucidly draft out his points so that the reader is 90% convinced then and there only.
  • Expository- This essay is more objective in nature. The writer, here presents certain facts and figures regarding a situation or a thing, thus providing a well-balanced analysis of a topic. These essays have various variants, like the cause and effect essay, the comparison and contrast essay and the process essay. Remember not to become subjective in these types of essays as they are more concentrated on statistics.

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Be it whatever kind of essay, remember that your introduction must be strong enough to capture the readers’ attention and to brief him or her about the topic you have chosen, the main body should include all the basic points, facts and figures, according to the requirement, and well-organized explanations, and your conclusion must sum up the arguments place earlier and reiterate important points. 

Exception to this can be narrative and descriptive essays which follow a set flow of thoughts. Keep these points in your mind and it will definitely offer you essay writing help.