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How to write a critical essay on literature?


Essay writing forms a crucial part of any language study. Essay writing skills are also examined and considered important in various competitive examinations. Essays are segregated into several types based on their title.

It can be demonstrative, imaginative, descriptive etc. Gradual academic years and constantly appearing for exams more or less help us improve our essay writing skills rather than just testing them. Mastery is a slow evolutionary process whose difficulty levels increase as we transcend from a lower level to a higher level.

Comprehension forms a vital part of literature and this article specifically provides guidelines towards creating a critical essay on literature. Critical essays are nothing but a careful analysis of the provided topic using available literature on the topic as a source of information.

They are segregation of merits and demerits pertained to the topic and the viewpoints of the writer associated especially in the conclusory paragraph. Research paper writing involves a section termed literature review.

This is nothing but a critical analysis of the literature the writer is interested in. Termed as a literature review it is somewhat much more similar to a critical essay on literature. A step by step guideline is provided here towards making an impactful critical essay on literature.

Analyzing the topic

The topic may have originated through any field. It could be scientific, historical, economic etc. The literature of the field associated is huge reservoirs of information. Information originating from sources like books, research papers, newspapers, contexts etc. It can be often difficult to initiate the search for information.

A feasible approach is to write down the possible subtopics you are interested in. Make a list of at least eight to ten work areas. After this is done prioritize the most relevant ones and include them in your search for literature. Find out the correlation between the sub-topics you had selected. IF they are contradictory in nature it is an advantage to include a discussion in the essay.


An introduction is not merely background information of the provided topic. It should be rather viewed as an information providing platform to which the reader might be oblivious. A critical essay starts with introducing the chapter as if you are introducing it to a layman. The context must be included in a single paragraph or to the max two paragraphs only based on the amount of information to be delivered.

The context should cover historic aspects of the topic and the importance of its existence. An impact on the literature of the topic can also be highlighted pertained to the topic.  The introduction also helps the reader to acquire the essential information crucial to understanding the discussion portrayed in the main body of the essay.

Main body

The main body is where you include the discussions limited to the topic in a detailed manner. The topics you had noted down while searching literature should be included in the main context. Interrelated topics must be introduced in the latter half of the main body.

Independent topics should be included prior as the required discussions to present such topics are descriptive and consume a major part of the write-up.

Express your agreement or disapproval after stating the literary analysis of the sub-topic. The main body should consist of at least three to four paragraphs. The debating context must be included at the end of the main body right before the conclusion paragraph.

Writing style

In a critical analysis, a casual style of writing has no room. The context has to be formally written as an official work comprehension. Maintain a commanding tone in the sentences and include factual context.  You may refer to samples from essay writing services to get the gist of the language style being used in this particular context.

Essay writing help can be also acquired from books like ‘word power made easy by Norman Lewis. It is a slow and gradual process and comes after a considerate amount of experience to develop a suitable writing style. Consistency is the key.

Grammar and vocabulary

The finest way to improvise grammar and vocabulary is none other than reading. It can be a tedious task if you are not habitual for the same. Developing a habit in actuality takes a lot of less than twenty-one days if the will is strong.

However, if still reading is a problem there is an alternative way to strengthen the above-mentioned aspects. Watching movies and tv series, especially those of British origin plays a crucial role in developing essential language skills. Avoid using sub-titles as much as possible. Tv series is also a better substitute for movies. Video games are also crucial in developing language skills.


A well-managed layout of your essay portrays a testament to your organizational skills. It is essential the essay should also look aesthetically appreciative. Breaking paragraphs in subsequent discussion is advised.

You may also group interrelated aspects of discussion in a single paragraph and switch to a new paragraph to discuss their impacts and applications. Let the initial point of every paragraph be aligned in the same initial point and also do consider spacing as an essential criterion for presentation. Layout templates can be obtained from essay writing services to develop your own layout style.


It is often possible critical analysis of literature may result in accidental plagiarism. Citing the sources or referring to them in your context of the essay is not a bad idea. However, you may wish to avoid citation styles as they are not a part of the general essay writing format.

Including the author’s information in a minimal and just adequate manner wherever required. Plagiarism is never appreciated in any field; make sure you avoid it at all costs. Use plagiarism checker websites or proof-reading elements to make sure your produced write up is up to the mark.


A critical analysis of literature may have an outcome contradictory to your expectation or if you are lucky you might just hit the correct expected conclusion. It is advised to make the conclusory paragraph in a diplomatic manner.

You may also raise debate inducing points and further enhance the curiosity of the readers. The outcome of the analysis needs to be positive and productive. If it sounds demotivating or in a negative manner make sure you suggest remedial measures for the negation causing aspects of discussion after the critical analysis of the literature is concluded.

Follow the above-mentioned steps in a chronological manner to produce a world-class essay for critical analysis of any literature.