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Kheerganga trek

The trek begins in Kasol, a tiny village in the Himachal Pradesh region of Kullu. It lies deep in the picturesque valley of Parvati and is quickly emerging as a big spot for visitors seeking budget vacations. The past of Kheerganga is supposed to be millions of years ago, with the beautiful natural area emerging as Lord Shiva’s dwelling place. One of the favorite trekkings among people searching travellers in Kasol of Kullu is the Kasol Kheerganga. You choose to go trekking for the right chance to explore Kasol and Kheerganga trek. The Months of March to June are the perfect times to explore when you prefer winter weather and the season of spring. Even so, it would have been perfect from month of November till month of December or late January – February unless you wanted to walk in the ice and hope for cooler conditions! This adventure walk is characterized as a simple walk. The trekking terrain is soft and only steep for only some short sections. The trekking area is rugged. The possibility that the trek takes three days and the whole path is 25 kilometers makes this trek very convenient for newcomers! This is also an excellent place for novices.

Kheerganga, known as the habitation of Lord Shiva is settled delightfully in Paravati Valley and encompassed in the powerful mountains that make it perhaps the most famous objections to visit. It is a nature’s heaven for the dazzling vistas of snow-clad Himalayas and the sublime thunder of the Parvati River will entrance your inward being. One of the numerous motivations to set out on this gutsy trip is the normal heated water spring on the top known as Parvati Kund that will make your spirit content with most extreme happiness.

The hiking, camping, and climbing, at the elevation of 2960 metres, bring you to a pool in Kheerganga’s mineral springs and, while soaking, the stunning views of the Parvati River and Himalayan Mountains covered in lush green with pearlescent white will enable you. You’ll be able to enjoy it all! The initial step is the Kheerganga hike at the reservoir built in Barshaini over the Himalayan Parvati River. People can also get hiking kit from a store outside the reservoir if you’d like! In trying to obtain the best prices and service from hiking poles, you can however ask guidance from our tourist guide.A variety of alternatives are offered during the tour and it is advisable not to take any of these. The routes are usually used by the secure local people and hikers now have catastrophic experiences because, after attempting to take a dangerous route, they stumbled and fell in the water.

You can find the lovely Rudra Nag Waterfall mostly during trips to Kheerganga. Relax a bit, drop your toes in the cold, clear blue water of the fall and savor hot drinks in the popular cafe close to the waterfall! The former temple of Shiva, is just a few steps away on the path to Kheerganga. Amongst spiritual tourists it is particularly common. Although several shortcuts are available along the way to Kheerganga, it is advisable to closely follow the directions of the trek guide and avoid all roads to be hazardous. Users will taste Kasol’s warmth for a night while staying in a river camping in the majestic Peaks on this brilliant trek to Kasol and Kheerganga. Dive deep into the native culture and appreciate the regional dishes in Kasol! Besides that, for a single night at Kheerganga you can enjoy hiking! Get ready to take bonfires and bags to sleep! Making the most of your preparation for your next holiday with this natural experience. In the area of Barshaini you can have a few homestays. The Shrine of Rudranag is just a stone’s throw away after traversing the village.

A calm and calm waterfall is near the temple and bottles of water can be filled from it. Also there is a neighboring hut (dharamshala) for tourists. Near the temple of Rudranag there are 2 minor cafes. The Parvati River sounds like ear music, which runs across the gorges. Around the mountain tops there is a wonderful view of pine trees. The town of Tosh is famous for its many choices, from accommodation to apartments. The latest rush in Tosh has led to an increase in room prices. A variety of colorful cafes are available in Tosh. The village of Kalga on the other hand offers inexpensive and simple houses, like cafés. Whatever route you prefer is a fast steep climb. Whatever route you select. The road to Nakthan passes beautiful apple orchards, however, in the lack of a forest cover, can become wearying and warm on a sunny day. The road from Kalga is rocking deodhar trees and the supremacy of the environment on this route is obvious. Nakthan village is a village with tiny woods and stone houses and a couple of coffee shops for tourists.


The journey is around 12 km long and it will take around 6 hours to arrive at the top.

Arrive at Barshaini which is arranged on the banks of the Parvati River that drives you further towards Nakhtan Village.

It is a delicate rough move through Nakhtan Village and the path is covered with apple plantations and transcending deodar trees.

The trip at that point drives you towards Rudranag Waterfall which is a midpoint of the journey and sacrosanct and otherworldly incredible sight. The path close to the cascade gets somewhat elusive and goes through thick pine woods.

The path gets somewhat testing as it is a tough trip and leads you towards an extension in the midst of the Parvati stream. The sound of the Parvati stream spouting on the two sides of the scaffold is music to one’s spirit. In here you may observer shepherds going with their herd in the midst of the strong mountains.

It is a ceaseless move to the top and on the off chance that you are sufficiently fortunate, you may observer snow patches on the path. Not long prior to coming to, you can observer an entrancing cascade which is an enjoyment to one’s eyes.

As you arrive at the top, witness the otherworldly perspectives on snow-shrouded pinnacles and take a plunge in Parvati Kund to feel your sluggishness gradually evaporating endlessly.