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Once again I believe in love at first sight Deinked EST112 earplugs evaluation

I remember that for many years, when the author was still in high fever while playing earplugs, I would often go to many offline stores in Beijing to try earphones . The number of times I chop my hands directly after listening to the earplugs on the spot has been countless. However, the more I buy, I find Many earplugs that I like very much at first sight will not feel much after they are bought and listened to for a period of time. In the end, they can only be resold second-hand at low prices.

Since then, I have set a principle for myself, that is, if you like it at first sight, don’t blindly chop your hands. Ten years have passed since then, and I have adhered to this principle during these ten years, and I did not expect that this principle will be broken when my portable HiFi device is almost going to die.

At the Shanghai International Headphone Show last month, the Dainco EST112 with a price of 2999 yuan made its debut. The author came to a conclusion after the live audition: I can control myself not to fall in love at first sight when I meet someone or something I like. It’s not because my concentration is strong, but it’s still not attractive enough. If you ask me how tempting is the Dayink EST112 earplugs, I will tell you that although it only sells for less than three thousand, it poisons me, an old enthusiast who is almost a fever, and has to go back to the pit again. Do not believe? Then it’s up to me to talk about Dayinke EST112 well.

The static electricity of the ring is fully contained, and the low, medium and high frequency are fully controlled.

The packaging of Dayinco EST112 is simple and intuitive. The front of the package is printed with the internal structure diagram of the headset, the lower left corner is also printed with Hi- Res small gold label and accessory trademarks and other information, and there is a detailed parameter introduction on the back. In the HiFi earphone ring with tens of thousands of electrostatic unit earphones, the beryllium diaphragm EST112 with one iron and two static electricity, the price of 2999 is simply full.

Open the package and take out the headset. The cavity of the EST112 is made of aerospace aluminum alloy five-axis CNC cutting. Regardless of its stainless steel metal material, the total net weight of this headset is only 15g. The naming of portable HiFi headsets is composed of “portable” and “HiFi”. Many top headsets on the market are overly pursuing “HiFi” while ignoring “portability”. In this regard, Dayinco EST112 perfectly takes into account these two aspects and achieves the best of both worlds.

In addition to the material for the unit, EST112 is also designed with its own brand new upgraded version of Dainco’s patented air booster loop system-ACIS: The rear cavity of the EST112 adopts a semi-open design, which is matched with the patented technology. The air volume can effectively optimize the acoustic environment of the beryllium moving coil unit in the headset, and achieve deeper low-frequency diving and greater dynamic performance in a limited space.

  • Earphone storage bag included in the EST112 package
  • Headphone cable adopts interchangeable plug design
  • Choose from three mainstream plugs
  • Six pairs of silicone sleeves

EST112 comes standard with a high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire with MMCX interface, and each conductor is covered with an insulating layer. It is worth noting that the interface part of the wire adopts a patented expansion pin, which has a longer service life and a more reliable connection than ordinary pins. The earphone box comes with 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced, and two sets of three pairs of silicone sleeves of different specifications are delivered to fully meet user needs.

Introduction to Evaluation Reference Equipment

In this evaluation, we chose two portable players, Letto Moju and Haibyi R8 , as the main reference equipment for the evaluation.

Tu Moju’s flagship HiFi player adopts a multi-processor architecture design, each part of the internal has its own independent processor and power system, AK4497EQ DAC + AK4137EQ dedicated up-conversion chip + dual phase-locked loop design, let this The sound performance of the player is very reliable. In terms of thrust, the player’s 4.4mm balanced interface and 3.5mm unbalanced interface both have an output capacity of 500mW/channel.

Hiby’s R8 flagship HiFi player adopts digital, decode, preamp, and output four-way power supply design. It is equipped with dual AKM4497+ two femtosecond extremely low phase noise clocks, and built-in luxury audio materials: 4 ELNA silk audio capacitors+ 10 gold tantalum capacitors + 18 high ripple rejection ratio LDO + 35 Panasonic polymer capacitors + deeply customized OP02 operational amplifier, the sound performance is worthy of the flagship name. Use Amazon discount code

One ear is amazing, and one is in love.

Why do high-end multi-unit in-ear HiFi headphones with more than 10,000 yuan in the past two years like to carry electrostatic units? The answer is simple, because the electrostatic headphone unit has reached the consensus of the manufacturers in the extremely high frequency performance-compared with the moving coil and moving iron, although the development of the electrostatic unit will increase the cost and the price, the electrostatic unit is in The sound performance advantage of extremely high frequency extension is irreplaceable.

Once again I believe in love at first sight Dayinke EST112 earplugs evaluation

Does the low price mean the release of water? Although the price of the Dainco EST112 equipped with two electrostatic units is only 2999 yuan, the tuning of this pair of earplugs is very complete, the three-frequency connection is natural, the quality is strong, and the high-frequency extension performance is extremely eye-catching.

The most frightening thing is that in the price range of 3,000 yuan, even if it avoids its most eye-catching high-frequency performance, the quality of the low-frequency is not to be outdone. The low frequency of EST belongs to the type with higher texture than volume. Although it is not surging in style, the strength and depth of the dive can be called fist and fist. terms of mid-frequency performance, EST112 has the characteristics of large density and high sound and image separation. This style of tuning is used to match the extension of the electrostatic unit is simply superb. The mid-frequency of EST112 can bring excellent prominence when reversing the guitar. When playing acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitar and violin at the same time, the image, orientation, and separation of the instrument are superior at the same price. In terms of vocals, the tooth sound of this headset is also well controlled. Listening to popular vocals is slightly stimulating, but within an acceptable range. The vocal resolution and separation are good, the foundation is clean and the image formation is accurate. This relatively solid voice is very good for male voices, but the voice lines of female voices will be a little tight. The control is up, but when you encounter a younger and sweeter female voice, you will feel a little aging.

EST112 has a strong sense of high-frequency lines, a neutral style, and will not be too bright or covered up. It has a very good playback experience for classical music, especially the high-frequency extension of large-scale music. Not only does it have rich layers and the distribution of energy is also very real. natural. In addition, for relatively fast popular and ACG music, this headset can also fully cope with those relatively fast and complicated scenes. Get Amazon Promo Code NHS

Write at the end

For the price of 2999, Dayink EST112 is a stunning and unforgettable product. Its sound foundation is clean, high quality, outstanding sound image and high density. Two high-performance electrostatic units exert a rare high frequency performance at the price of 3,000 yuan. Do not believe in love at first sight? That only shows that the temptation is not big enough! It is recommended to draw conclusions after listening to Dainco EST112~