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Tips for a Living Room Makeover

Your living room is the center of your house where all the gatherings and fun chit chat happens. It is where your family sits for a game night and your friends enjoy a football match on the TV. Living room can bring up the life in a home or may even drown it down the drain depending on how well you have paid attention to the decorum and decoration. While your bedrooms could be specific to your theme and your personal preference a living room is the room of the family and you have to be careful with the investment and decisions.

Make It Comfortable

No one can watch a long game with their back poking against the hard sofa or how do you expect to have fun watching a horror movie on an uncomfortable couch. With a living room, the comfort comes first. Invest on furniture that looks good as well as is comfortable to sit on. Try to put some cushions so everyone has a place to sit back on but don’t put too many. Throw over a little blanket on the arm rest so the person feeling cold could have some peace.

Don’t Be Too Loud

Don’t make your living room full of colors that are too loud to take in. A colorful living room seems happy and lively but screaming tones of orange and red won’t do the work. Nor the heavy strong lights that peek into the eyes. Don’t invest in light shades of furniture such as rugs or sofa if you have kids at home because cleaning that would be a hassle. Make it simple and creative. Try hanging some sceneries and putting a peaceful tall lamp for that peaceful affect.

Make It a Common Room

A color that appeals to everyone makes up a great living room. Some magazines, some novels, some self-help books and a snack jar on the table allows everyone to sit around and get the thing of their interest. No matter how much you love making it all about you, your living room is the center of your home. Don’t forget that!

Variety of Furniture

A living room gives you the most room to play with the type of furniture, from a sofa cum bed to tiny stools, a reading chair to rocking chair or even a Barcalounger you can play with various furniture items and truth be told variety seems to be appealing when it comes to a living room. While you may not want to overstuff with it but a little diversity in seating places could go a long way. Use creative and comfortable furniture and make your guests and family enjoy the wide choices. You can use the furnishare coupon code to purchase a variety of living room furniture and get many seating places.

Seating Places

Some people love to lean against a comfy fat sofa, some like a rigid rocking chair, and some like protruded stools while there is always a kid who falls into the bean bag. Your living room has to be for everyone so be smart with the seating. As much space as you have don’t forget to add multiple seating options. A little extra stools in the back could be used around the center table to make up for the extra seating.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can be a real hard thing to deal with to get right in your place but they are what makes the room. There are many reasons why you should use them, but before you buy something only because you want it, make sure you understand all of the area rug rules of thumb. The size of any area rug is the most important factor to remember. Also, a rug should complement the rest of your furniture.


Who doesn’t snack while watching TV or having a chat with family or friends? We all do. To put it simply, snacking with family is the way to bond with them and have a memorable time. Try to put some air tight containers with delicious snacks in it on the center coffee table. No we don’t want you to spend hours in kitchen to make the best snacks but anything light like cookies or some chips would do. Even if guests are not going to eat them a little snack corner gives a homey vibe.

Wall Paint

Paint has the greatest impact on a room which we tend to ignore often. If you are looking for the right way to decorate your living room then start by picking a suitable paint for your room. This could take a while since you are going to make it a common room but a not a dull one too and choosing something that everyone likes is pretty tough. But landing on a color that is good for you and everyone will bring a whole great vibe to your living room. Try going for basic tones but not too simple. Make it noticeable in a good way.

Don’t Forget To Plan Your Routes

It is common to get lost in the jungle and you don’t want to be one to be scared. When hunting you have to be the stronger person or the animals could eat you (literally in most cases). Before you go hunting don’t get too involved in the act that you forget all about your routes. Always have an entrance and exit strategy planned. It’s better to have multiple planned whatsoever.

Don’t Get Too Close

Even the animal seems aloof of your presence it is wise to keep your distance. Getting closer only increases the chances of you being seen as well as the animal being scaring you. And once you get scared hunting is no longer your game.

Pay Attention to the Wind

Don’t forget to pay attention to the wind direction and level before you go shooting. A windy day could provide relief from the heat early in the season, but it also raises the likelihood of deer being conscious of your presence. Wind would not have to keep you at home for the day if you are downwind of the deer. Wind can make no difference if you’ve set yourself up correctly.