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Why Digital Signage is Useful for Convenience Stores 

A convenience store can easily promote its products and services using digital signs. Rather than having posters up in the windows and around the store, the owner can put up digital signs. The poster designs and promotions may remain the same, but they can flip from one to the other on the screen without the hassle of having to take down paper posters and replace them with others.

The Software is Pretty Easy to Use

Back in the old days, you needed training courses to learn how to use digital signage software. In some cases, you needed to hire somebody from the digital sign company to come around and give a seminar/tutorial on how to use the software. These days, you can learn on your own because most of what you see is intuitive. For example, a company like kitcast.tv doesn’t flout modern convention. This means that a cog icon in the corner means “Settings.” It means that an arrow pointing left means “Back.” You no longer need a six week training course to be able to work your digital signs.

Let Customers Know They Are Being Watched

This is actually an old tactic that has been used even before digital signs were popular. You run a live feed of the store onto a screen in the corner of the room. It lets shoppers know that they are being recorded, which helps to reduce on shrinkage. The effects are actually quite massive because the number of shop thieves may not bother the big companies, but it can take a sizable chunk out of a small business’s profits.

Demonstrate Items Through Videos

The problem with convenience stores is that their very “Quick and easy” format makes it difficult for store owners to experiment with their line of items. It takes trailblazers to try out things like charcoal bricks and BBQ sets. Yet, there are plenty of high-profit items that convenience stores could sell if they could market them correctly. Having a digital sign showing demonstrations of products can help shift some of these units. The customer may have entered the store looking for an umbrella but ends up leaving with a gazebo because it was expertly promoted via a digital sign.

Maintain Social Distancing

Even if there isn’t going to be another pandemic for 100 years, it won’t matter because the media whips people into a frenzy every year. There was swine flu, bird flu, monkey pox, and so forth. Convenience stores need to “Future proof” their format, and digital signs is a good way to go. They can be used to tell people how many are allowed in a store, or to tell people who may next approach the counter and make a purchase.

Upsell Products

In the same way that you can promote items, you can also promote their higher-priced sisters and brothers. Convince people to buy the higher-priced toilet roll multi-pack rather than the economy stuff by showing how well the premium stuff performs. You can also cross sell your products, by showing people how their new toothbrush becomes more effective with medicated mouthwash.

Blur the Line Between Offline and Online

People see affiliate advertising all the time when they are on the Internet. If you are running a popular product in your store, you can run its online advert on your digital sign. You can remind people that they wanted that new energy-drink-milkshake, or the new super mop, by showing them the same adverts they are seeing on TV. You will be surprised how well this works. Online marketing works extremely well, and its secret lies in the fact that people are “Sure” it doesn’t work on them. Yet, when they see the same products in your store, accompanied by the same online adverts in your store, they are far more inclined to buy the product. The only downside is that your staff have to hear the same adverts played over and over again every day.